Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nerdy Neighbour

No, I'm not ashamed of calling my neighbour aunty a nerd, a big time nerd. She is the one whose mien will betray you. Who says "first impression is the last impression" huhh When I met her for the first time, she seemed to be all sophisticated types, with that height of 5'6( i feel ladies with such height make their presence felt without much effort), attractive face. But she proves me wrong everytime i meet her in the evening. and I keep cursing myself for being taken over by the first impression.
She is the kind of person who will never let you speak while in a conversation. I have majorly noticed myself mumbling YES/NO or for that matter giving a forceful smile everytime I have a chat with her. I even remember my mum being in a turmoil as to with whom she'll go on evening walk with. How my dear mum wants me to be fit & able to convince me to go on a walk. But smart me I always put a condition , if neighbour aunty is also going, no need to ask me. Period!
Now let me brief you what topics she chooses, that never let anyone else to open his mouth-
She is the mother of two boys & a newly wedded girl. She is always engrossed with her so called ANMOL RATAN

Son 1- Anxious about her son who is going to be married real soon.How her DIL will be like? Will she make her son dance to her tunes? will her son forget his mom after the marriage?Will she be able to adjust? n blah blah

Son 2- Utterly confused for his career & so is he. You won't believe she made him opt for science in class 11, but something untoward written in his horoscope if he takes science, she forced him to go for commerce right after one month.By the end of the session, when he even developed a liking for the subject, her SIL ( newly wedded)convinced her as to no career prospects in commerce & the poor chap was made to study science afresh with a loss of whole one year.

Daughter-Oh god! She is the Miss Universe, Earth, Asia Pacific, Milky Way, etc etc (if anything else beyond it exists, then pls add it on your own) for her. Nobody on this earth galaxy can match her standards. She is the girl next door, possessing more than required traits for an Indian Bahu, even more than the Akshara of  Yeh rishta Kya Kehlata Hai..:P. Above that she keeps praising her daughter in front of her SIL n even apprising him of the fact how lucky he is to get her Miss Universe as a life partner.

Apart from the gist of nerdiness above, here is another epic episode, nerdy enough to trigger me to make my neighbour aunty a reason for my writing next post..:D

The other day she came running to our house, all gripped with tension. She asked for the charger( nokia pin point hahah). Her mobile could not survive her eternal gossips n she forgot to charge n above that could not find her charger in her home now. She made me wake up from my early morning sleep ( 9.00 a.m is my early morning) to give her my charger. But Alas! I use a Samsung phone. My mum asked, "What's the matter? Is everything all right?" (meanwhile I thought of offering my phone)& then she unveiled the reason of her going panicky. she had to had to phone her daughter as she was back from a visit to her in laws house, the last night & she was to update her mom with the uncensored and instant "report" i.e the what happened there? What she did? How hr MIL behaved with her?
I was having that I-wanna-bang-my-head-in-the-wall expression plastered on my face. I even hid my phone. ;);)
P.S- apart from all this, she is good at heart. I don't care what's going in her personal life. She is the one who always stood to help us.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Sakha Tumhi Ho..!

M was admitted to one of the good colleges of the city but had to change it later for some reasons. At times she wondered why she was ever admitted to such a college. What was the plan of god behind this?
N was the answer of her epiphany. The almighty had in store for both of them to meet each other.
They became best of the friends, doting on each other. Continuously  in touch with each other & by continuous, I mean every day (obviously through whats app) ( No they were not lesbians :P)

Opposites attract each other, but for them, their like idiosyncrasies attracted them to each other, their like mindedness helped them to empathize.
They used to talk about anything & everything (remember both of them were idiosyncratic), be it their critical opinion on any TV show (both of them discussed by texting right when it was being aired), any new fashion trend( I tell you these girls), future plan of action, boy friends, would be hubby, their dreams & what not.

N (after watching ghajini)-"I really liked that clay thing which they use while their house warming ceremony for preserving their foot prints for life.

M- "han! i liked them too. Ok I'll gift that on your D-day."

N-"Oh woww!! "

Both of them could read each other's minds or were they actually given like nervous systems or what!
Each of them knew when the other will say " kuch bhi" on something foolish/pathetic happening.
Best companions while shopping.
Liked same qualities/traits in others & for that matter pointed same mistakes too (no matter how minute it is :P)
They didn't possess the very basic & inherent girly trait "jealousy", at least for each other.
Both of them grumbled about their respective lives, but yet assumed the role of agony aunts for each other. They were the epitome of camaraderie.
 But Alas! one day something happened which led them changed their ways because of some third soul in the scene. N tried to explain things but M was in no mood to entertain any explanations.
The next day M was flummoxed as to "is this really happening?" She didn't want to loose N. She was expecting a call from N, But in vain.
M wanted to broach the subject again somehow. So she texted N in pretext of returning some stuff.. But the plan went awry. M tried calling but could not reach her & N pacified her saying she would call some other time.
M waited few days, n then some more days expecting a call after the exams, but
futile.M was miffed but didn't want to loose her friend. She knew things could work if given a chance.

One day M opened her mail started typing "they say That too shall pass. Yes its very much apt & we both could lead our lives normally, forgetting each other.Definitely this shall take time but sooner or later this will happen. I don't want any third soul to be the reason for the tiff. Let us keep our petty ego issues aside for a second & give a hoot to our 5 tear old bond"
But M had not enough nerves to click the "send" option & all she could do was saving the message to her draft folder.