Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cry Cry Cry!

Crying is not that bad. I had this balloons full of water in my eyes which burst out at every kind of emotion vent, be it anger, happiness, sadness. But is crying bad for you every time? I say no. People say you should be strong enough to control your emotions. Crying is always considered synonymous to being weak. I say, one should be strong enough to vent out emotions in front of people you know would not judge or at best only when you are alone.

Whenever I feel low and want to get out of that state, I try ways to keep my mind off the thought that is making me feel low. But then sometimes I am not able to push the thought out of my mind and ultimately I start crying. Lately I have realized that after crying, I felt better, much better. After crying, there is nothing left that could go wrong or you could do about to make the situation good. You have already sulked about the thought, did everything you could to make it right, and moreover cried for things not getting right too. You are better off now. So cry if you want to. It’s for your good only.