Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Once there was a Musk Melon

Here is how it started. I got to know about this Online Grocery website. This was like a beggar had found a hidden treasure. So I being the laziest bum on earth, ordered some fruits and other essentials from the site. One o the item ordered was a musk melon. This was a one kg musk melon. Being a grocery/household chores retard, I didn't know that one Kg would be so so big for a person's consumption.
So I started on Monday night and my one kg of grocery shopping lasted till Wednesday night and that too when I had this one kg of forced health day and night so as not to waste it.Even i asked my roomie and the cook to have it but then it seemed, God wanted me to be healthy :D
I would suggest this site Bigzop.com to please add more options for people like me, so that they can save themselves from this wrath.
P.S- I had to ask for a Hajmola after my favorite day of the week when rajma rice is cooked. But because I had to accommodate some place in stomach for the dessert above.
Other than that, this site offers good options to, considering its in the initial phases. The  order arrived in good packing condition. I would like to order more often.