Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Band Baja Bride

So, it seems everyone around me is getting married. Marriages are in vogue I suppose which is why everyone is following the same trend. It seems people don't have any other thing left to do wwith their lives
I feel facebook has become some sort of wedding photography website. Whenever I log into facebook, what I see is pre wedding photo shoot, wedding photo albums, post wedding photo shoots, honeymoon photos with the super se bhi upar display of affection, the roka function photos, the mehndi ceremony photos..God! I am tired of seeing all this. It just makes me feel I am a grown up too, hard to say, but yes I have approached the marriageable age.
My two cousins getting married in coming two months, the two cousins with whom I studied in the same class in school.I am so excited for their marriages, how the fun, togetherness will come along but at the same time I am petrified too. I don't even want to imagine the situation when all my relatives would be pointing on to me and asking my parents about my band baja baraat(or in my case vidayi). I can make my parents understand that i still need 2-3 years for my career, only then I would be able to at least live my life I have fantasized. If I won't get these 2-3 years, I would only crib and regret later in my life.
But if my relatives keep on asking my parents and these people around me keep getting married at this pace, my parents would be taken away by the flow and people's words and I would be doomed to regret and sadness. And the sad part is I can not even stop people around me getting married :/. I want to travel the world with my friends, try every possible thing be it right or wrong, create some stories for my children before finally settling down.
Please bhagwan ji, help me realize my dreams and fantasies, make my ways such a way that I can be on the right path.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Self Realization

Today morning, while brushing my teeth I saw myself in the mirror. I saw my teeth and I realized they are displaced, not in perfect shape. But hey! I still manage to get people compliment me for my smile. EEEEEEEEE!!!!

Thank God! This could have been a thing to crib for life but I am all good. :P

Friday, 6 February 2015

Bonne Bouche

So I am starting on with a new series of posts on my blog.
I and my friend have this list of restaurants to go and explore every 15 days.
I am so lucky to have a companion who is equally interested as I, to go, explore and splurge on new places. We no longer see distance a constraint but not having the luxury to go to 5-star restaurants on a car is definitely a constraint.Like seriously we have put a great number of restaurants to a back-burner just because we would have to go on a public transport. Don't even think of hiring a cab. We are stingy people too.

So, we sorted this restaurant from the list of "Most happening places to visit in Delhi". I Zomato-ed it to find the ratings and the ambiance and et al. Its a French restaurant and there were pretty much good reviews on food,the sitting area, the decor.
First of all, the nearest metro station is Lajpat Nagar and not Jangpura as mentioned on Zomato. So we had to sit in the auto and turn on the GPS because the auto wala did not also know the way to the restaurant from Jangpura metro station.
We entered the restaurant and it was all vacant despite being a Sunday afternoon and despite a strong recommendation of table reservation. The interiors were all inspired from European decors. It was soothing for the eyes and one would definitely like to sit have a chit chat with friends.
We asked for a terrace sitting on the 4th floor. It was more of a garden area with light furniture and wooden fencing all around.
P.S- If you zoom it and see, there's this hanging on the fence written- "First we eat, then we do everything else"
There was already a couple sitting over there. We took our table. My eyes were constantly on the couple who were sitting together on one side of the table. Note one side of the table and we even took time to choose our different sides of the table. As soon as the couple left, another couple came over.
The menu was opened with this-

We ordered one Angel Hair pasta (for safer side) and a spinach & ricotta gnochhi with zucchini and cherry tomatoes in cream sauce (only because the name was complicated and it was on the restaurant's recommendation list). And I take a bow to the fact that I forgot to take a photo of the food because I was really hungry. Oh boy! it was heaven, so tempting complimented with Green Appeltini (okayish) and Alex Atlantic (Good).

 We also ordered Tiramisu (also on the recommendation list of the restaurant) which was kind of my type, the perfect make of sweetness, cream and the coffee.

We were having our meal and the waiter kept on watching us as if he too was hungry. Also, the staff's uniform was of the color as my friend was wearing like ditto the same color hahah!
Oh and about the other couple who came over, they too chose to sat on the same side of the table. I can't help but notice this thing. And they were taking selfies like after every 10 minutes. It was cringing me somehow, partly because they were sitting just in front of me and partly because I envy these love birds.

So here goes one of our finds to another restaurant in Delhi. Amen to more such. :)