Here is my wishlist, as to what I want in this life. The list( in a random order) is created so as to constantly remind me of these and work towards realizing them and living them.
I'll keep updating the list, adding or deleting as the case may be.

1. Own a lavish house and settle down in Mumbai for the rest of my life.
2. Get sloshed,at least once.completely loosing all my senses. But all this only when someone who knows me and my wishes really, is keeping an eye on me so that I would not land in trouble.
3. New Year's eve in GOA.
4. Go on a blind date. ONCE in my life! ;)
5. Celebrate each and every festival throughly.
6. MBA from a prestigious institute.
7. Look as young as I am when I turn 40.
8. Having shoes and bags of each possible colour in my wardrobe.
9. Support the education of  any needy child.
10. World tour.
11. Visit 7 wonders of the world. Taj mahal ticked on the list ( if it is still one of the 7 wonders).
12. Work in the same city with my (current) friends.
13. Be able to fulfill the wishes of my younger brother.
14. Retire from work when I am 50. So that means till that time I need to earn such whopping amount so as to lead my rest of the life with equal comfort & without depending on anyone.
15. A professional Photo Shoot just like that to flaunt on Facebook. See I love getting clicked but my camera doesn't love me.:(
16. To have some good number of  followers of  my blog.
17. Bike ride at 2 in the morning with my boyfriend.
18. Leh trip on bike with bunch of friends.
19. Learn any instrument.
20. Long long hair.
21. Experience my shop-till-drop moment.
22. Learn ABC of make up. I am an illiterate when it comes here.
23. Learn salsa.
24. Make peace with the BFF as if nothing happened ever.

WEDDING WISHES- ( shoot me I'm a nerd but I'm a girl, just can't help it)
1. Getting married in a joint family.
2. Getting a professional Photo shoot done on my wedding.with all those pre wedding & engagement shoots.
3. Get married on a beach in Goa.
4. A Shyamal & Bhumika outfit for the D-DAY.
5. A guy who makes other girls envious of me.
6. One foreign trip & one(at least) domestic trip a year. I know this is getting into some catch 22 situation. But that is why this finds place in my wishlist.;)
7. Blessed with two daughters and a son. :D

There should always be a room for improvement , then why not room for wishes.!! So more to come in this space.


  1. I love your list , girl :D Every girl has her wedding fantasies, doesn't she ;) :P

  2. Hahah! thanks. Only a girl can empathize with another girl's wishlist..:D :D

  3. wowieee sugar...leh trip on bike...sounds awesome..leh is my dream destination toooo..

    good one gal!!!