Tuesday, 4 August 2015

When I became the Vampire

This girl who reports to me, is getting the job in the same company in which I'm going to join. This was not the reason enough to wake the vampire in me. She would be joining at the same designation as I'd be at. This is so not fair. I mean I know, the organisation's policy is at fault which is not differentiating between a less experienced and more experienced, just because the profile in question is unrelated the experience we both hold.
The feeling that the girl who used to call me "Ma'am" would be calling me by my name . This by no means implies that I am authoritative and would want people to be under me. But had , this girl been appointed may be 6 months later or, things would have been way different. I just want to enjoy the exclusivity for the time being. Back of the mind, I know this is not good to think bad for other, to get jealous etc etc. I am mature enough to know all this but the maturity just takes the backseat whenever I see her in the office and whenever the other guy helping her to get through the interview, asking me to help her know the questions being asked. I don't feel like telling her anything( as if this would lessen the chances of she getting selected, such kiddish things I tell you). I would think all bad while being asked about everything by her but after that, I always realize, what I did, what I thought, is total bullshit! But please God understand, I can't help myself at that point of time. Now I know, from where the corporate politics arise.!!!
I have made peace with the fact above. One, because there is no other option left for me; two, I had spoken my heart out to my friends and they too tried to make me understand the fact, there is no point sulking over this thing.
Nonetheless, I want to be happy for the fact, that I got this much awaited move to this organisation.

Meanwhile, this phrase has helped me a lot as well.

"Teri kismat da likhya tere to koi kho nai sakda. Je us di meher hove te tenu o v mil jae jo tera ho nai sakda". Guru Granth Sahib Ji

To all the positive forces in the universe, I need you ...
P.S- Excited for the weekend Mumbai trip.
P.P.S- I was asked by a photographer friend of mine to start a fashion blog and that I was way better than the many newbie wannabe bloggers.*Khushi*