Monday, 30 July 2012

Rakhi Special

With Rakhi round the corner, I'm dedicating this post to my younger brother. I scold,scowl him big time ( well! I've the right), don't pay heed to what he is talking of, if I don't feel like, don't answer his questions if they don't interest me, keep setting limits on his playing hours, computer/internet hours( thats a different story he doesn't give two hoots :D), keep bugging him if I'm in a mood to but make it a point to thrash him if he ever does so.

But I love him to the core. I can't stand anyone pointing a finger on him. No matter how irresponsibly he behaves, no matter how much he hates me, no matter how much we fight, no matter everything in him irks me when it comes to going out with his friends,no matter he possesses only an iota of personal hygiene, no matter how much awaaragardi he does, I want to cuddle him up when he is fast asleep. I don't know why, but I find him way cuter when he's sleeping carelessly holding his chin with his right hand. I can't say these things in his face (otherwise the possibility is more that he starts taking me casually & won't fear my mien anymore hahah. yes I'm insecure this way)

Well the post is more about the silly episodes with him as the protagonist, which I've vowed to myself to tell his future children. Yes !! I'm going to torture n blackmail him!!! huahahahah *devil laugh*

1. Once upon a time, when the guy was 7/8 yrs, he was in disagreement with his mother-sister combo. So he  stopped talking to us & locked himself in another room. We both were aware of his so called tantrums, so didn't bother much. He was perplexed as to why no one was coming for some negotiation.:D :D. So he wanting to divert some attention to himself, wrote on a piece of paper n passed it from underneath the locked door.
He-" Main aap dono se naraaz hu!"

We- no response.

 He ( again after some time)- "agar kuch kehna hai to is paper k back side pe likh k bata do"

We- laughing our heads off..

(I still have those pieces of paper written by him in his sucking handwriting..;))

2. He is given 50 bucks for getting a haircut done. Such a miser he is, once he got the haircut done from some peepal k ped k niche baithe hue naayi se, in the pretext that the shop where he used to go, was closed. But the truth was he wanted to save that extra money. Annd Annnd that stupid naayi of peepal k ped wala cut his hair extra short n my dear brother didn't go to school the next 2 days. ;) ;)
Ever since he never tried to save money like this. hahah

3. 3-4 years back I guess, On the Diwali morning, I was sleeping n he, compulsively obsessed of getting up way early on a holiday, was roaming here n there in my room. I don't mind whether its Diwali or New Year, I have to have to wake up on my usual time like any other day off. He (again) wrote on a piece of paper," Happy Diwali didi" n called out my name loudly. I woke up frightened n he handed over me the paper n raced from the room. & here I was shouting n yelling at him.

To be contd. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Feel Called CA

yessssssss!! I cracked the CA exam 3 days back. Now I can proudly & officially add the prefix CA before my name. It feels TOTALLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME  to be called so, to be among those 29% students who were able to get through., to get that 'queen like' attention at home, to see mommy telling my younger sibling to strictly adhere to what I am saying, to update the 5 year long awaited status on facebook( no matter how I hate facebook, I HAVE TO update this quintessential achievement of life), to see those tints of red color aka n number of notifications on the status every time I logged into facebook, to see the sense of relief in parents eyes, to see the watery eyes of Mother India ( yes! these Indian mothers I tell you, my mom started crying even while standing on the road ).

Ok so now let me tell you how was the D-day. The result date got postponed by one day from the scheduled date. I didn't let my mom know about all this furore. When she came back from school ( she is a teacher ), I could actually see the tension on her face as if it was her result & here I was sitting coolly n calmly, ready to take the tension the next day. She hurriedly came up to me & asked me about the result, I simply said, "not yet declared". She kept asking me to check the site time & again. But I managed to change the topic somehow. The next day I had to attend an interview in Chandigarh & the result was scheduled to be declared latest by evening. 
I was kicked out in the GD round itself. (with 30-40 other candidates, that was the relieving part, SIGH!)
I could not digest the fact that I performed pathetic in the GD. I was shivering like anything, partly because I was in the very first group to be judged & partly because that was the first ever interview I was going to face & that too with the nervousness of result which was going to be declared.
So after the miserable performance I gave, I took the bus back to my hometown. During the journey I was laughing my heads off on my performance & was praying that atleast now the result( of CA) goes well.
while in the bus,around 2 p.m, I was surfing some CA page on facebook & suddenly I saw someone's comment that results had been declared. I opened the site n typed the roll number with trembling hands. Ahhh!! the phone screen showed the bold pink colored word "PASS". 
Ecstatic I was, not knowing how to vent off my emotions in a crowded bus,with nobody giving two hoots as to what I was going through. I did not inform the same to my parents just because I wanted to witness their expressions in person. Hardly 30-40 minutes were left to reach but it seemed to be an eternity. And with the pakka khoon of  CA running in my body, I neither had enough balance in my phone to survive the roaming charges nor free messages. 
I reached the bus stop, wishing everyone around to welcome me, escort me;) as if some IAS officer has come. :D I wanted people to ask me how did the result go, so that I could proudly let them know. I wanted every relative of mine to call me or my mum to inquire about my result.
Then I called up mum to pick me up. She reached, n I was determined to not to tell her until we reached home. But as soon as she came, I could not contain my excitement n gave her a vanilla smile.She somehow understood but wanted to listen it from me. I unveiled it n she started crying then & there.
To all those who don't know, CA course comprises of 3 levels which stretch to atleast 4-5 years. When I cleared the level 2 , I was happy like never before, but now when I have cracked up the last & final level, my  happiness could not even match the one i experienced earlier let alone it went beyond that. I don't know why.. may be because I was disheartened at the interview, or may be because the next level tensions of job & all took over or may be because almost everyone known to me cleared it n it seemed to me just like another exam not holding much relevance or may be because its unsatisfying human nature. I still could not experience the peak of euphoria I'd expected. I wish I could now land up in a good job & be able to feel what I've always wished to. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

What's Wrong With Me..?..?

It's been two months that I'm at home & doing NOTHING. I wake up, survive & go back to sleep. In between I-
1. Go and place myself on the couch with cell phone in my hand and simultaneously watching anything like ANY BLOODY THING on TV. I've been keeping track of all the SAAS BAHU soaps. I watch the fresh telecast, then again I watch the repeat telecast (whacko I am) but I've nothing to do all day.

2.I keep checking my mails ( of late the frequency has reached to 10 times a day)

3. I keep lurking Facebook ( for no good reason) which even made me write this full fledged post. A silent user I am. I keep stalking profiles, checking who commented where. With a tiff going on with my bestie,I make sure that i stalk her profile atleast two times a day to check if she's uploading photos with any other friend & enjoying without me :D, updating any status that points me by any chance. I know it's sheer folly. Once all is well between us, I'll make her read my blog & she 'd be all in splits.

4.I (try) read novels. As of now, the ones which I have kinda don't interest me ( & I'm lazy enough to get any new one). But I WILL read them just because I've them & to increase the count of books I've read. :P

5. I blog. yeah that's the only thing I enjoy doing these days. i keep looking for more better topics to write( and this is what I end up writing). I go blog hopping. I've started following (read regular and avid) some of the blogs and even going through the archives of few of them. Everytime I read some post, the bell rings in my  mind."I'll write on the topic on my blog some day" & I will. AMEN! This is such a wonderful platform to be at.

6................. Nah! I don't do anything else. I'm blank now.

P.S- People say you are in love when small little things remind you of the person. Yes I'm in love with my BFF. These things are her reminiscent-
The impending novels here with me are all hers,
I got a new statement necklace & i didn't have anyone to share the excitement of the shopping i did. Also no one to review it and tell me how it looks on me,
SALE season is on & I'm missing my shopping companion,
I miss the chugli sessions with her when I see the aunties of neighborhood doing the same,
the free SMS balance keeps haunting me as she was the one on whom my half of the SMS balance used to vanish.
I know this is something very weird :D :D n all you reading are laughing at me.
But everything is gonna be okay. I'm just waiting for the right time to happen.

What do you do to kill time...? may be I can get some ideas hahah!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ramblings of a Facebook User

Note- The post is totally useless just like facebook is :P

Facebook has taken over our lives. It has become as necessary as oxygen to breathe. I can't find a single person not registered with Facebook, be it children aging 10 yrs (despite they are not allowed to register before 18, but to hell with! rules are meant to be broken & why not!) or the senior citizens.

Talking of networking in this age- without a doubt, Credits to Facebook.
Bringing people closer who hesitate to even a utter a word in person, but don't shy while chatting /commenting - Credits to Facebook.
Taking online shops to another level- Credits to Facebook.

But here I am limiting my ramblings( in a way critical opinion) as to how Facebook has evolved over time in terms of the applications it provides etc.

1.The "LIKE" Button
I see "LIKE"  option is made for those lazy bums who find any status/photo interesting but their indolence refuses to leave the mouse so as to reach the keyboard and take the trouble to type something & speak their minds. (Yeah, I do this most of the times :D).
But talking about the another category of people who play the role of charity to distribute free "likes" no matter what is posted, do exist.
And coming to the EPIC part, people liking their own respective posts. Its like giving themselves a Hi 5 in public( thats what I read on Facebook itself). Zuckerberg should seriously consider removing this option for our own respective posts like SERIOUSLY.
Personally I feel, popularity or should I say TRP of a status/post is now judged by "like count" from "comment count".

The most useless option I've come across. Needless to say I'm still using that age old "wall". Timeline is created for photo freaks, just to give them yet another space to glue their photos & make the profile look more like an exhibition.
P.S- I'm not bringing the page owners who use timeline constructively for displaying their logo name or for like things.

Ah! the one I envy. Dude, what is the use of beating your own trumpet and forcibly telling people where are you, what are you doing, with whom are you. I feel as if Facebook has humbly assumed the responsibility of parents and take care of their whereabouts in their absence.
I've seen people checking-in & tagging their homes, not to forget "home sweet home". But some intelligent people have taken this to a notch higher & they are checking in and tagging some exotic/grand places while they are sitting at their homes, not to forget "home sweet home":D. For what? just to flash their status! hahah
I detest this even more when I'm trying to study for exams and then I see somebody checking in ( remember I'm a religious Facebook user:D) First day first show, watching XYZ movie at ABC cinemas. Huhh I so hate Facebook's technical team for creating such an option.

People subscribing for updates of renowned personalities- OK, good enough but what about those subscribing for just another Facebook user, particularly talking of the one subscribing for updates from a girl, who has rejected his friend request. What is he expecting? she'll update where is she heading to & inviting you to meet her. Grow up!

Well the views are totally personal. May be some people find these options useful, something usefully useful.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nerdy Neighbour

No, I'm not ashamed of calling my neighbour aunty a nerd, a big time nerd. She is the one whose mien will betray you. Who says "first impression is the last impression" huhh When I met her for the first time, she seemed to be all sophisticated types, with that height of 5'6( i feel ladies with such height make their presence felt without much effort), attractive face. But she proves me wrong everytime i meet her in the evening. and I keep cursing myself for being taken over by the first impression.
She is the kind of person who will never let you speak while in a conversation. I have majorly noticed myself mumbling YES/NO or for that matter giving a forceful smile everytime I have a chat with her. I even remember my mum being in a turmoil as to with whom she'll go on evening walk with. How my dear mum wants me to be fit & able to convince me to go on a walk. But smart me I always put a condition , if neighbour aunty is also going, no need to ask me. Period!
Now let me brief you what topics she chooses, that never let anyone else to open his mouth-
She is the mother of two boys & a newly wedded girl. She is always engrossed with her so called ANMOL RATAN

Son 1- Anxious about her son who is going to be married real soon.How her DIL will be like? Will she make her son dance to her tunes? will her son forget his mom after the marriage?Will she be able to adjust? n blah blah

Son 2- Utterly confused for his career & so is he. You won't believe she made him opt for science in class 11, but something untoward written in his horoscope if he takes science, she forced him to go for commerce right after one month.By the end of the session, when he even developed a liking for the subject, her SIL ( newly wedded)convinced her as to no career prospects in commerce & the poor chap was made to study science afresh with a loss of whole one year.

Daughter-Oh god! She is the Miss Universe, Earth, Asia Pacific, Milky Way, etc etc (if anything else beyond it exists, then pls add it on your own) for her. Nobody on this earth galaxy can match her standards. She is the girl next door, possessing more than required traits for an Indian Bahu, even more than the Akshara of  Yeh rishta Kya Kehlata Hai..:P. Above that she keeps praising her daughter in front of her SIL n even apprising him of the fact how lucky he is to get her Miss Universe as a life partner.

Apart from the gist of nerdiness above, here is another epic episode, nerdy enough to trigger me to make my neighbour aunty a reason for my writing next post..:D

The other day she came running to our house, all gripped with tension. She asked for the charger( nokia pin point hahah). Her mobile could not survive her eternal gossips n she forgot to charge n above that could not find her charger in her home now. She made me wake up from my early morning sleep ( 9.00 a.m is my early morning) to give her my charger. But Alas! I use a Samsung phone. My mum asked, "What's the matter? Is everything all right?" (meanwhile I thought of offering my phone)& then she unveiled the reason of her going panicky. she had to had to phone her daughter as she was back from a visit to her in laws house, the last night & she was to update her mom with the uncensored and instant "report" i.e the what happened there? What she did? How hr MIL behaved with her?
I was having that I-wanna-bang-my-head-in-the-wall expression plastered on my face. I even hid my phone. ;);)
P.S- apart from all this, she is good at heart. I don't care what's going in her personal life. She is the one who always stood to help us.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Sakha Tumhi Ho..!

M was admitted to one of the good colleges of the city but had to change it later for some reasons. At times she wondered why she was ever admitted to such a college. What was the plan of god behind this?
N was the answer of her epiphany. The almighty had in store for both of them to meet each other.
They became best of the friends, doting on each other. Continuously  in touch with each other & by continuous, I mean every day (obviously through whats app) ( No they were not lesbians :P)

Opposites attract each other, but for them, their like idiosyncrasies attracted them to each other, their like mindedness helped them to empathize.
They used to talk about anything & everything (remember both of them were idiosyncratic), be it their critical opinion on any TV show (both of them discussed by texting right when it was being aired), any new fashion trend( I tell you these girls), future plan of action, boy friends, would be hubby, their dreams & what not.

N (after watching ghajini)-"I really liked that clay thing which they use while their house warming ceremony for preserving their foot prints for life.

M- "han! i liked them too. Ok I'll gift that on your D-day."

N-"Oh woww!! "

Both of them could read each other's minds or were they actually given like nervous systems or what!
Each of them knew when the other will say " kuch bhi" on something foolish/pathetic happening.
Best companions while shopping.
Liked same qualities/traits in others & for that matter pointed same mistakes too (no matter how minute it is :P)
They didn't possess the very basic & inherent girly trait "jealousy", at least for each other.
Both of them grumbled about their respective lives, but yet assumed the role of agony aunts for each other. They were the epitome of camaraderie.
 But Alas! one day something happened which led them changed their ways because of some third soul in the scene. N tried to explain things but M was in no mood to entertain any explanations.
The next day M was flummoxed as to "is this really happening?" She didn't want to loose N. She was expecting a call from N, But in vain.
M wanted to broach the subject again somehow. So she texted N in pretext of returning some stuff.. But the plan went awry. M tried calling but could not reach her & N pacified her saying she would call some other time.
M waited few days, n then some more days expecting a call after the exams, but
futile.M was miffed but didn't want to loose her friend. She knew things could work if given a chance.

One day M opened her mail started typing "they say That too shall pass. Yes its very much apt & we both could lead our lives normally, forgetting each other.Definitely this shall take time but sooner or later this will happen. I don't want any third soul to be the reason for the tiff. Let us keep our petty ego issues aside for a second & give a hoot to our 5 tear old bond"
But M had not enough nerves to click the "send" option & all she could do was saving the message to her draft folder.