Friday, 11 September 2015

Eat Sleep Laze Repeat

I would be completing the notice period by end of this month and I am thoroughly enjoying this phase. Especially when my back up resource is in place, I am more relaxed at work. Prior to joining of the back up resource, I had certain sense of responsibility on the shoulders for the team and the work (still I used to do work with ease and calm as opposed to the panic and tension of deadlines) but now when the back up is in place, I had given up all of my responsibilities and do whatever I want to do.
My day starts at 11ish in the morning, I reach at 12:30 PM (log in time is 11:30 AM).Check my mailbox, gossip with the people around (majorly with the back up whom I knew from the coaching classes). All this is done up till 3:00 PM which is lunch time.We spend a good one hour for lunch and walk following after that. Then back to the desk, repeating the same routine. I have started laughing on the floor so loudly that it can even make people look at me leaving aside their work.
After coming back from office and dinner, I am again lazing around, watching some movie/web/TV series till I hit on bed around 3:00 AM.
And icing to the cake- when your laptop and all the accesses are not working and all you can do is just wait for the approval from the HR guys to re-activate the accesses. This is such a wow feeling.
Oh boy, I am so so loving this. The phase where you are excited for joining the new organisation, for the upcoming planned trip with the family, where you have more than a week's time to yourself after leaving the current organisation and before joining the new one,where you don't give a f*** for meeting the deadlines, where you have all the me time after the office doing whatever I want to do not caring about the ratings or the promotions.

P.S- I am afraid for myself that the above routine is becoming a habit for me. It's been more than a month that I am following this. This would make it difficult for me to work for extended hours and go beyond an extra mile to prove myself in the new organisation.
Amen !

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